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Alternate dispute resolution services

Alternate dispute resolution services include mediation, negotiation, conflict management, arbitration, collaborative law and alternate dispute resolution education and training.

Mediation, negotiation and conflict management

Elaine's alternate dispute resolution services include mediation, negotiation, facilitation, colabrative practice and  conflict management, in a variety of contexts including family law, contract, business, healthcare, and workplace/employment.

Arbitrator and registered collaborative family lawyer

Elaine also acts as an arbitrator of family law disputes and is a registered collaborative family lawyer.

Alternate dispute resolution education and training

In addition to her direct services, Elaine's services include alternate dispute resolution education, communication and conflict resolution training. Seminars, presentations and workshops in the areas of mediation, negotiation, communication and conflict management can be designed and customized to meet the needs of any business or group. To date Elaine has designed workshops and presentations for the health professions, lawyers, engineers, business groups and the oil and gas sector.

Alternate dispute resolution services:
• Conflict management
• Collaborative law

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